Here are some of my favorite press pieces on research I have been a part of.  Non-technical summaries of my papers are on my research page.

  1. Epidemiology and Economics
    • Epidemiologists and Economists need to get along, Peter Coy, New York Times [Link]
  2. Education, Teacher Race and Teacher Expectations
    • The Real Reason Black Kids Benefit from Black Teachers, David Jackson
      New York Times [Link]
    • Within Integrated Schools, de Facto Segregation Persists, Erica L. Green
      Baltimore Sun [Link]
    • Where Did All the Black Teachers Go? Brent Staples
      New York Times [Link]
    • Does Teacher Diversity Matter in Student Learning? Claire Cain Miller
      New York Times [Link]
    • Teachers’ Expectations for Students Colored by Race, Mark Urycki
      NPR [Link]
    • On the Origin of the Achievement Gap, Blurb in
      Science [Link]
    • This super rad cartoon by Keith Knight [Link]
  3. Genetics and Inequality
    • It’s Better to Be Born Rich than Gifted. Andrew Van Dam
      Washington Post [Link]
  4. Socio-Emotional Skill, Personality and Economic Outcomes
    • Rambo Goes to Work, Jurgen Kauge
      FAZ (in German, title translation is my own) [Link]
    • From Snot-Nosed Brat to Top Brass, Johannes Pennekamp
      FAZ (in German, title translation is my own) [Link]
    • Personality Traits Driving Entry to Entrepreneurship May not Necessarily Lead to Success, Dina Wisenberg Brin, Forbes [Link]
    • Higher Salaries for “Breaking Bad” in the Classroom, Jill Barshay, Hetchinger Report [Link]
  5. Domestic Violence
    • How Health Care Can Reduce Domestic Violence, Olga Khazan,
      The Atlantic [Link]